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Testing & Certification

EN374-1:2016 - Type A Protective gloves against chemicals & micro-organisms. Permeation Level 6 with reagents A, D, E, G, H & L

EN374-5:2016 Protective gloves against chemicals & micro-organisms. With EN 374-2:2014 AQL Performance Level 3 including Viral Penetration

EN 374-4:2013 Resistance of protective glove material to degredation by dangerous chemicals with continuous contact

EN 420+A1:2009 Finger Dexterity Level 5

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Kemblok™ gloves have been tested in accordance with FINABEL O.7.C methods at the respected Proqares laboratory for resistance to permeation by chemical warfare agents. At 37°c the agents below have a breakthrough time of greater than 48 hours;

(HD) Mustard agent

(GB) Sarin

(GD) Soman


chemical permeation & Permasure® APP


PermaSURE® is a new software tool designed to help answer one simple question:

‘How long can I work safely in this environment?’

The video explains the process of chemical permeation and how the PermaSURE® app, available for Android and Apple devices, simplifies the process of working out safe working times for over 4,000 chemical hazards.



Kemblok™ gloves are supplied in sealed bags of 10 pairs.

Available in three sizes.

  Small Medium Large
EU Size 11 - 12 13 - 14 14 - 15
US Size 12 - 13 14 - 15 15 - 16



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