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  • High Performance Chemical Protective Gloves

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KeMblok™ Gloves

Manufactured using a seven-layer chemical barrier laminate material, Kemblok™ gloves provide excellent protection against a wide range of chemicals, viruses and micro-organisms.
Kemblok™ Chemical Protective Gloves

Chemical B&W v2.svg

Chemical Resistant

Protection from hazardous and aggressive chemicals

Virus B&W.svg

Viral Protection

Complete viral protection

Chem Weapon B&W.svg

Chemical Weapons

Resistance to permeation by chemical warfare agents



Kemblok™ Features

Protection against chemicals and micro-organisms to EN 374-1:2016

Can be worn as a liner under heavier gloves providing mechanical protection

Lightweight & comfortable

Compatible with the PermaSURE® toxicity modelling smartphone app which calculates safe working times for over 4,000 chemicals

Ergonomic ambidextrous design

Working temperature -40oC to 70oC

Silicone and latex free

REACH compliant




Chemically Protective Glove Applications

Compatible with PermaSURE® Toxicity Modeller

Managing Risk - Staying Safe - Protecting Health

PermaSURE® is a toxicity modelling app for Respirex™ Kemblok™ gloves and chemical protective suits made from Chemprotex™ fabrics. Using the latest modelling techniques, the PermaSURE® app calculates your safe working time based on the chemical you are working with, the PPE you are using and the working temperature.

Permasure® App works with Kemblok™ Chemical Protective Barrier Gloves

Kemblok™ Gloves have been trusted and used by emergency services around the world.


Kemblok™ gloves are produced by Respirex™ International and have formed part of their chemical protective suits for many years. Respirex™ are a world leading supplier of personal protective solutions, specialising in the design and manufacture of high-performance chemical, particulate and respiratory protective clothing. Respirex™ chemical protective suits are used by emergency services and CBRN teams around the world, providing them with the protection they need during the most demanding of situations.